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Speaker, Author, VibrantLife Coach, Certified Lymphology Expert, Pastor

You Got The Power!

7 Ways To Transform Your Health and Peace

My Story

Hillary is an Author, Public Speaker, Empowerment Coach, Certified Lymphology Expert and Pastor. She attended the International Academy of Lymphology. She specializes in empowering people, especially women, with strategies, tools and techniques to transform their health and peace the way God intended, which is easy natural and drugless. 

Hillary Gooden's Story

 Hillary grew up on the south side of Chicago, IL, USA with her mom, Christine Gooden and brother Tony. They stood as one seeing how her mother as single parent worked hard to make a way  for her family. Mom got injured and had to take time off from work, she never returned to that job. She became an entrepreneur with her two boutiques, Tina's Shoppe, selling women's clothing. This is where Hillary, about 14 years old, began to see how business works and what it takes. It is not for the faint of heart. 

The most amazing thing is that Hillary was very shy. She had to learn how to push past that and help with every facet of running that business. This included being a sales person. Talking to strangers was terrifying but it was something that had to be worked out in Hillary.

Little did she know that her destiny would bring her before many strangers, in ministry, in business, on the job as well as different  social media platforms.

She was ordained as a Pastor in 1999, 2015 she founded Hillary Gooden, LLC, she retired March 2019 as Chief Financial Officer of The Bobby E. Wright Behavioral Health Center, Chicago, IL.

Today, Hillary is bold and confident and ready to help others move forward along their health and life journey.  She was destined to become a leader, impacting and empowering people on many different levels.

Her favorite scripture is “Beloved, I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in good health even as your soul prospers”.

What about the …”be in good health…” portion? Well, Hillary was suffering from anxiety attacks; it would show up as an uncontrollable cough. Over the years this “cough” has been like a weight around her neck, holding her down. It became more and more embarrassing and frustrating. It would come in the midst of stressful situations.

This is what started her search to find ways she could help herself naturally without taking pills. Every time she went to the doctor, there would be no sign of coughing. She would be given another prescription for some type of cold medicine. She just could not fill those prescriptions. There had to be something she could do, naturally!

But then…it all came together! 

There was a day in 2012 when Hillary was just sitting at her desk when a thought came to her, “When was the last time you ate fresh fruits or vegetables?” She thought long and hard and could not remember. This is when she knew she needed to make a change.

She was not experiencing any type of illness, but knew that if she continued on that path, she could end up with some type of illness(s). Illnesses can get started by the food choices we make. 

About that same time a co-worker introduced Hillary to a well known appliance that extracts nutrients from fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds and liquefies them as smoothies.

This is what actually led Hillary on a journey to explore more about the health benefits of different fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds. She was fascinated by how you can help your body heal by the foods you eat. Just by adding more fresh fruits and veggies to your meals on a regular basis can greatly reduce your risk of developing an illness like diabetes, cancer, heart disease and more. 

Most illnesses, approximately sixty percent, are at their core based on stress. It doesn't matter where you live, how much money you earn, what’s your spiritual background, stress has found its way beyond all so-called barriers. More and more people want to know what can I do, that will help me not be imprisoned to stress and its many side effects.

​Hillary's book, You Got the Power! 7 Ways to Transform Your Health and Peace and programs and presentations, Obeying the Laws of Health, cover steps that empower you to take your power back from the grips of stress, which affects your body, mind and spirit.


My Book
My Books

“Hillary has helped me use my body to heal my body. As someone who fights Lupus, finding ways to manage my illness without medications is very important to me. Since working with Hillary I have had tremendous improvement with inflammation and fatigue.”



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Imagine you have been dealing with stress at home, on the job, in your business and even in your relationships. One problem just seems to lead to more stress and overwhelm. This has become normal to you and it seems like you are managing everything quite well; to all those looking from the outside  you look fine, like you got it all together. No one knows that you are just holding up a facade for the sake of everyone who depends on you and expects you to be there for them.


In You Got the Power! 7 Ways to Transform Your Health and Peace, Hillary Gooden presents life changing ways to understand and use the power you already possess to help your body, mind and spirit feel rejuvenated, healthier and at peace. She shows you how to decrease stress, inflammation and pain, while increasing energy, vitality and clarity of mind.

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