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You Got The Power!

7 Ways To Transform Your Health and Peace

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“Hillary has helped me use my body to heal my body. As someone who fights Lupus, finding ways to manage my illness without medications is very important to me. Since working with Hillary I have had tremendous improvement with inflammation and fatigue.”



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DATE:              SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 2020

TIME:              3:00PM - 5:00PM

LOCATION:   11308 S. Michigan Avenue

                         Word Alive Ministries Prayer Center

                         Chicago, IL 60628


                          Light Refreshments  

Imagine you have been dealing with stress at home, on the job, in your business and even in your relationships. One problem just seems to lead to more stress and overwhelm. This has become normal to you and it seems like you are managing everything quite well; to all those looking from the outside  you look fine, like you got it all together. No one knows that you are just holding up a facade for the sake of everyone who depends on you and expects you to be there for them.


In You Got the Power! 7 Ways to Transform Your Health and Peace, Hillary Gooden presents life changing ways to understand and use the power you already possess to help your body, mind and spirit feel rejuvenated, healthier and at peace. She shows you how to decrease stress, inflammation and pain, while increasing energy, vitality and clarity of mind.



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11308 S. Michigan Ave. Chicago, IL 60628

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